Blood Booster


Low blood Count? Or perhaps you feel fatigued and easily tired. Increase your blood count and get those red blood cells flowing. Made with plenty of love, from farm fresh pumpkin leaf, also known as Ugu, the Olivia Better Believe Blood Booster gets you energized and pumped up for higher productivity levels.

(Olivia products are recommended based on widely known and globally accepted benefits of fruits and vegetables. They do not represent substitutes to a physician’s recommendation neither do they act as prescriptions for specific physiological cases.)

Blood can never be enough, it multiplies and helps us stay alive. Boost your blood cells and stay energized all day long with the Olivia Blood Booster pack!

  • Beetroot
  • Pumpkin Leaf
  • (Rich Orchard) Cucumber +Celery + Parsely+Spinach
  • (Recalibrate) Bitterleaf+Pumpkin Leaf+Garden Egg+ Scent Leaf
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