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No. 15, Oduduwa Way, Off Isaac John Street - Ikeja GRA
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The Power Of Fruit and Vegetable Juice

Vegetables are so abundant for consumption, and Juicing fruits and vegetables has long been thought to responsible for healing powers.

Fruit and vegetable juice can help cure everything from ulcers to strengthening the immune system due to the high level of phytonutrients, minerals and vitamins in fresh vegetables and fruits.

For detoxification or healing purposes, you need to begin to change your diet by eliminating some processed, over cooked food.

The power of fruit and vegetable juice

Eat organic fruits, vegetables, grains, beans and seeds, and eat a vegetarian based diet including fresh juice at least 1-2 times per day.

Here are some fruits and vegetables beneficial to your body:

  • Carrot juice strengthens the eyes and helps clear up skin eruptions.
  • Cucumber juice is known for its power to clear the skin.
  • Cabbage juice helps to heal stomach ulcer and also gastrointestinal tract.
  • Lemon juice also helps the liver in its detoxification process that occur daily.
  • Apple juice contributes to healing the intestines and softens gall stones and also relieve constipation in the body system.
  • Radish juice is of great benefit for the thyroid gland
  • Grape juice purifies the blood, inhibits herpes simplex and influenza viruses; and can be used as a remedy for hepatitis.
  • Tomato juice can be used to treat diarrhoea and chronic indigestion which can also restore health to the liver.
  • Watermelon juice can be used to alkalinizes the blood in the body system, and can also be used to treat urinary problems and oedema. Its diuretic properties benefit the kidney and bladder.

If you haven’t started taking our juice, you need to start immediately! You are doing yourself a lot favour, and you’ll feel great afterwards.

Make it fun with different fruits and vegetable juices that you like. Get ready to experience health and vitality as you’ve never imagined. Gain instant access to our shop,for more information about Olivia Juice.

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