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No. 15, Oduduwa Way, Off Isaac John Street - Ikeja GRA
0803 322 9577
Improve Your Health with Fresh Juice

Fresh Juice can be made from fruits or vegetables. It is easily digested into the body system which is full of natural nutrients.

Fresh juice therapy is a treatment of illness through a restricted diet of juices of fruits and vegetables. It can also be called juice fasting. It is the most efficient way to revamp your health and rejuvenate the entire body.

Fresh juice therapies untwist the digestive system and assimilation organs in the body. It also improves the utilisation of its nutrients and incorporation of food into the body. Raw juice therapies eliminate the metabolic toxins and waste of the body.

Advantages of taking Fresh Juice

Fresh Juice

  • Fresh juice of fruits and vegetables is rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes which also activates cell regeneration and thereby ensure rapid recovery process.
  • Fresh fruit juices normalise acid-alkaline balance in the blood stream.
  •  The presence of organic minerals like calcium, potassium and silicon in Fresh fruit juices prevents premature ageing of cells and disease.

Types of Juices you need to know

fruits juice

  • Juices made from sweet fruits (grapes etc.);
  • Juices made from sub-acid fruits (apple, pear, etc.)
  •  Juices made from acid fruits (orange, lemon, etc.)
  • Juices made from vegetable fruits (tomato, cucumber, etc.);
  • Juices made from green leafy vegetables (cabbage, lettuce, etc.)
  •  Juices made from root vegetables (carrot,etc.)

Juices prepared from fruits, stir up toxins and acids by stimulating the elimination process of our body but juices made from vegetables alleviate the weak nerves and work serenely.

Methods of Taking Juices

Fresh Juice

Selecting the right juice is very necessary for treatment of any ailment. For example, juices made from carrot, cucumber & other vegetables is ideal for the treatment of asthma, arthritis and skin disease but juices made from orange can aggravate these disease.

When you are taking a raw juice therapy, the selected juice should be taken in a proper interval and proper quantity.

For Example, one glass cup of fresh juice can be taken three hourly intervals for two to three times daily. Lemon juice with water and honey can be taken in the morning.

The quantity of fresh juice taken daily can be increased slowly, and this therapy can be continued for next 30-40 days without any harmful effects.

Sometimes, based on experience raw juice therapy can create pain in the abdomen, headache, weakness, fever, sleeplessness or bad breath but these problems should not be checked by using medicines, as these problems would automatically vanish after the continuance of the therapy for a few days.

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