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Artificial Flavors and their Health Risks

Artificial flavors have posed a serious health risk over time. Most people do not care about what they eat. Some eat just to be satisfied, Others are ignorant of the health risks of artificial flavor present in different foods or drinks they consume, while some just like how it tastes. Just very few consider the health benefits of food and drink before consumption. It is important we assess ourselves to know where we belong. If one falls into the category of eating food or having a drink because of the taste, it is time to think twice.

The distinctive taste of food or drink is known as its flavor. Flavor can be divided into two;

  • natural flavor and
  • artificial flavor

Natural Flavors

These are flavors extracted from anything that can be eaten, such as fruits, vegetables, herbs, seafood and lots more. They are made use of in their raw forms and are usually, not processed. In juice production, it is highly recommended to use natural flavors to get that natural fruity or veggie taste which will give one the same satisfaction if the raw fruits or vegetables were to be consumed.

Natural fruit flavor

Artificial Flavors

By comparison, these are used to supplement the natural flavor thereby adding ‘more’  taste to the product. These artificial flavors are entirely man-made and chemically produced from non-edible products such as petroleum. The chemicals mostly employed in the production of artificial flavors are esters; for instance, octyl acetate, an ester is one of the main component to make an artificial orange flavor. To make it have that orange flavor taste, other chemicals gotten from non-edible products are added too.

Most people go as far as adding large proportion of this artificial flavors to the natural flavor to make it ‘tastier’, or save cost of extracting the natural flavors. This can pose a great risk to the body as well as cause less trust in the product.

Artificial flavor

The health risks of artificial flavor might not be noticed instantly but with more consumption of it, the chemicals accumulate in the body and become hazardous to our health. On a long-term consumption of Artificial flavor, the following can arise; cancer, brain tumors, dizziness, confusion, kidney problems, liver problems and high blood pressure.

To prevent these health risks from occurring, it is advisable to;

  • Avoid the consumption of artificial flavor:

For staying healthy, all forms of food with artificial flavor are to be avoided no matter how “inviting” the food or drink may be.

  • Buy your drinks from trust worthy companies that can guarantee you with natural flavor:

Ensure that most of the food and drinks are bought from companies that employs natural flavor in their products. As a food company, also try to use more of natural flavor in your products. It increases the trust people have towards one’s products and will make them buy more.

  • Do not buy processed food:

Most of the processed food are prepared with large proportions of artificial flavor. This is because the artificial preservatives and synthetic solvents present in the artificial flavor are used to preserve the processed food or drink. This deteriorates with time and will subsequently pose a health challenge  to the consumer.

  • Read labels and buy products with flavors that are known:

Before purchasing any edible product, endeavor to scrutinize the label and ensure that some ingredients for the product are well known.

Practicing the above-mentioned solution can help one detect drinks or food with artificial flavor. If you must choose between the two flavors, choose natural flavor!

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