No. 15, Oduduwa Way, Off Isaac John Street - Ikeja GRA
0803 322 9577
No. 15, Oduduwa Way, Off Isaac John Street - Ikeja GRA
0803 322 9577

About Us

Our History

Olivia Juice is a company registered in Nigeria with Head Office and principal outlet in Ikeja GRA, Lagos. The company began commercial production of fresh and natural juices and Smoothies in 2009 and has since then made significant progress in terms of reach and customer base.

At Olivia Juice, we undertake the processing and production of natural fruits and vegetables into natural juices and smoothies of various flavors. Our overarching objective is to deliver hygienically processed fresh fruit Juices and Smoothies to meet the healthy living needs of our customers.

Our products are fresh, natural and produced under very high hygienic conditions. A distinguishing feature of our product is the fact that we do not add water, artificial supplements or additives of any form. Our customers can testify to this.

We deliver orders across Lagos in reasonable time (based on distance and agreed terms with our customers). We also cover events for clients who desire to serve fresh fruit juices and smoothies to their guests. In this case, we produce on the spot, chill with coolants and serve fresh.

In over 7 years of producing fruit juices, Olivia Juice has never added one gram of sugar to any of our juices.

  • No water
  • No preservatives
  • No stabilisers
  • No colour or flavour
  • Only the highest quality fruits

This is why Olivia Fresh Juice is one of the best and healthiest juices on the Nigerian market today.

Our overarching objective is to meet the demand for healthy drinks of the increasing number of people in the society for proper dieting and healthy living.

Our products are 100% natural (no additives, artificial supplements or preservative). This is our key selling point and differentiating factor from other producers and/or sellers of similar products.

We offer a wide range (and combination) of fresh fruit Juice flavours and smoothies’ and deliver to your door step on short notice without additional express charge(s).

We cover events for customers who desire to serve fresh fruit juice and smoothies to their guests. In this case, our products are produced on the spot and served chilled through the use of coolants. This delivers unrivalled freshness of the different or selected flavours to clients.

Only Natural Ingredients

We Use Best Quality Products for Our Smoothies

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